Name Availability Check  

The first step is to verify that your company name is available. 

If not, we will immediately notify you and move forward with your alternative choice.

Articles of Incorporation

After you provide us with your company details, our seasoned team will immediately start drafting the proper documents for filing. Our filing process ensures immediate submission with no chance for errors. 

Corporate Veil Checklist

When you establish a company by forming an LLC or another business structure, you are creating a legal entity. This entity can enter into contracts, purchase goods and services, receive grants, submit for bids, take on debt, and file litigation against others. This simply means it has most of the same rights and powers that you have in your personal life. This means that because your business is a separate entity, if it gets sued, defaults on a loan, or declares bankruptcy, creditors can’t place a claim on your personal assets mostly, in theory, this is recognized as “the corporate veil.”  In order to prevent the corporate veil from being pierced, we will give you a checklist to make sure that your business structure as the added protection.

Bank Resolution Form

A Bank Resolution Form is the document required to open your business bank account. We ensure that  the document is correctly and completely filled ensuring no delays or inconveniences for opening your accounts.

EIN Filing

This is basically your corporation's "Social Security" number, but is known as your company's Tax ID Number. We will prepare or  assisting you in obtaining  the legal documents for receiving your Tax ID Number

Agent of Service

A contact person to handle correspondence on behalf of the corporation or limited liability company. We will act as your Agent of Service for 30 days or longer if you choose. 

 We will advise you of correspondence so that you may be prepared for years to come.


When your company is organized as a corporation, many states require you to create Corporate Bylaws to set basic rules around how your business is run. Even if Bylaws are not required, you have clear rules in place. small business ideas

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Benefits of incorporating



 Protect Your Personal Assets From Creditors


Protect Your Personal Assets from Lawsuits


Tax Benefits and Money Savings


Easier to Raise Capital


 Easier to Sell


It Protects Your Brand


 Perpetual Existence


It’s Easier to Establish Retirement Accounts


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Benefits of the LLC

 An LLC limits this personal liability because an LLC is legally separate from its owners. LLCs are responsible for their own debts and obligations, and although you can lose the money you have invested in the company, personal assets such as your home and bank account can't be used to collect on business debts. 




What form needs to completed with the CSLB after changing my  business structure?


You need to compete the CSLB 7065 form. 


Will I have to change my CSLB 



Its' up to you to either keep your  existing number or get 

a new number.


What is MBE WBE certification?


If you are a minority business owner, it’s a good idea to become certified as a minority-owned business. Government agencies and corporations actually set goals for conducting business and buying from minority-owned companies, so becoming certified immediately increases your business’ appeal.

Difference between LLC vs Corporations.


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. “LLC” stands for “limited liability company.” ... Both LLCs and corporations are formed by filing forms with the state. Both protect their owners from liability for business obligations. But they are different in the way they are owned, managed and taxed, and they have different record-keeping and reporting requirements. 

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Apply for Business Credit


More than 65% of all small companies use credit cards regularly, but less than 50% of those cards are actually in the company's name.

Apply for a MBE/WBE Certification


Contracting with the state can be beneficial with Consistent Work, Assured Payment, Stability, Business Intelligence and Relationship Developing.